What does CCMe London do?

CCMe London provides a virtual, personal, tailored administration package for small businesses, self- employed professionals, start up's and entrepreneurs. We enable you to use our expertise at an affordable rate therefore removing the need to pay for a full time employee and the associated overheads. Working with us gives you the opportunity to utilise your biggest asset which is YOU by enabling you to use your time more efficiently and concentrate on the value adding areas of your business or life rather than the onerous day to day admin tasks.

CCMe London also provides bookkeeping services, production and submission of quarterly VAT returns along with financial modelling and scenario analysis for business planning. We can create easy to understand spreadsheets that you can use on a day to day basis or we can help to support strategic financial decisions with robust excel modelling.

Why do you need CC Me London?

  • ✔ You want your own Personal Assistant but not on a full time basis
  • ✔ You need someone to manage your busy diary and your overflowing inbox
  • ✔ Your company is growing and your admin is taking over
  • ✔ You are self-employed and don't have an office
  • ✔You dislike admin and find it a drain on your valuable time
  • ✔ You want to concentrate on the business rather than the admin
  • ✔ You need a financial expert in excel for small projects
  • ✔You need a bookkeeper and someone to submit VAT returns
  • ✔ You need someone to build you simple spread sheets for everyday use
  • ✔ You need help with a one off project or a specific weekly routine task

Who are CC Me London?

About Us

Jo Thurston

I am a personal assistant with 22 years experience at board level. I have worked across many industries including media, telecommunications, advertising and recruitment. I have worked in companies with as little as 10 people right up to multi nationals. My strengths lie in my communication and organisational skills and being adaptable and flexible to clients needs. I am motivated, hardworking and have a flair for event management and party planning.

E: ccjolondon@gmail.com

Lucy Gibson

I am a qualified CIMA accountant with over 13 years post qualified experience. For many of these years I provided short term financial and strategic solutions to various businesses. I now offer bookkeeping services and quarterly VAT submissions and a financial support to small businesses. I use Xero accounting software to do this and have knowledge of various supporting softwares including ReceiptBank. I have worked in start-up companies, small businesses and large multi nationals across many industries including telecommunications, gaming, energy and insurance. Financial modelling is one of my strengths and I can create spreadsheets which are easy to understand and use. I can find a solution to most problems.

E: cclucylondon@gmail.com

About Us